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May 27, 2011


Alexis Owmizer

You rocked those photos, girl! I am so amazed by your tattoo, btw. I just hope you're taking care of it. I mean, your skin. I can see that you're flawless! How old are you? I admire how your lines can be barely seen. You remind me of my best friend back in the county. :)

Adrianne Brees

Hi Alexis! Thanks for your comments, you're very kind! And thanks for checking out our post. BTW, I'm 31yrs old, mom to a 4-yr-old and oh I definitely have lines... A very far cry from flawless! haha! I do try to take good care of my skin, though, and I use a really great makeup line. So combine that with the fact that Bethany is SO good at her craft that her skilled photography really brings out the best version of me! :) Thanks again for posting and I hope you enjoy our Style & Fashion Fridays! ~~ Yours, Adrianne

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