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February 08, 2011


Jamielyn Nye

yay for posting before midnight!! Jax is a cutie. We still need to get our boys together soon.

Amy Hill

you probably went to the canal JUST BECAUSE you could and you knew Jax would love it. You're so fun. Looking forward to finishing our conversation from today! Love this post...and your conversation with Jax!!

Adrianne Brees

I wonder why all children have such a fascination with throwing rocks? What is it about the act that attracts them so? Is it the rocks or the throwing? hmmm. Anyway, Jax is adorable, as always... I love the black and white one where he's kinda squatting down... and the last one all poised to throw the whole handful! lol too cute!

Kari Holt

He is simply adorable. Period. Cougar could throw rocks all day, too!!! I have no doubt that is exactly the conversation you would have had ... ESPECIALLY the You Rock bit ;)

Vicki Cleman

Such a cutie. Love both the pictures and the story.

Jenna Ziegler

Throwing rocks is the best game ever. Endless entertainment. I would love to watch Jax anytime for you.

Rachel Peacock


Catherine Laporte

Fun one on one time with Jax! He looks like he is having a great time.


Wow Bethany I am just loving all of your new stuff! I like the celebration ideas and your photos are leaping off the screen! Your family sessions are even better than before and they were fantastic a year ago when you did ours. I can not wait to do it again with you. You Do ROCK! BTW.. Your fashion lesson has helped me complete a very recent outfit and I am proud to say that I was able to shop on a budget and follow the tips .. I found accessories I think you would be proud of ... even the shoes. Now I am on to another outfit but the shoes are giving me a problem as I can not find the right color! lol I am laughing at myself. Thought I would say Hi. Take care!


Yea Trulie!!! Thanks for the sweet compliment! I hope my work has grown and improved over the past year, thanks for noticing! Always trying to get better, ya know? It was so fun to sit next to you at our Fashion night, you are such a great lady. I can't wait to see what you've pulled together! Isn't it fun?? I'm sure you look amazing!! Hugs!


Thanks Jenna! And, the same goes for you ... I think Jax might have a secret crush on Ava :)

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