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February 15, 2011


Catherine LaPorte

These are great I can see why you picked them. You are so talented and really do capture personalities. Your awesome!

rachel peacock

All of your pictures are amazing! You could have posted hundreds more! But I love your choices :) I am working on taxes too...ugh :(

Kari Holt

Love your loves, too ... so many great images you have captured this year! You're half way through your challenge, too - *WOOT* Totally loving it!

Amy Hill

So I'm finding myself saying..."Oh my gosh, I haven't looked at Bethany's blog yet today!!" I'm officially addicted!

Vicki Cleman

Love them! Of course I have 2 favorites in amoung the rest but they are all really wonderful. Such a talent!

Jenna Ziegler

I really love the last one. You are a great photographer.

Jamielyn Nye

Beautiful pictures! I love how you captured each of their personalities. That little girl climbing up the steps in the tu-tu is so so cute!

Adrianne Brees

fabulous "love picks" beffy!

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