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May 25, 2008


Helen Robson

I know what you mean on attention span, I have the same problem....most creative people do. :)

there is something that is so amazing with capturing moments of your life and others with a camera. I totally relate.

I see you are back from your trip. We need to get together still. Amazingly enough I still have not had my baby yet. I wonder what is keeping him.:) lets stay in touch so we can get together soon. I hesitate at planning something now when he is 5 days over...cause it could be any time. hopefully. I am keeping everyone updated on my blog so as soon as you see I have had him call me so we can get together and talk shop.

Crystal Innes

Bethany!!! Amy Hill told me that you were starting a photography blog and I was able to look it up on google blogger search. I love it! Good for you! I have a blog at Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love the one of the boys with their backs facing the camera in the hay field! And of course... the one's of Dominic. ;)


Holy Cow!
We came across your blog and it looks great. Syd told me that we just found our new family photographer (it will just require more travel than normal). The family looks great, those boys are break some hearts when they get older. Give Todd a slug for me.

Dave Gooch and Family


WOW!!! I am impressed. These are some amazing photos. Good for you for going after a passion that you are so brilliant at!
LY Kenyon Robson

vicki atwater

Thanks Bethany

These look really good. I was a little worried but I feel so much better now.

Vicki and Roger

Brenda LaPorte

Hey Beth,

Stepmom here! Just getting ready to close out a long Valentine's Day here at the store. Dad is home under the weather. It slowed down a bit so I decided to check out your blog and it so cheered me up. You are so awesome at capturing all of us on film. Love U and Todd and the kids.


Brenda LaPorte


amy roderick

Count me in on the contest! I wont guess how long it took you to get out of the canyon. ;0)

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