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It's funny writing a biography for yourself ... but at 30 something I guess it should be way easier to be honest about who I really am. So here goes ... First off I'm a wife to a dashingly handsome and amazingly tender man. We're high school sweet hearts and still crazy about each other. I'm a Mommy to three wonderfully busy and incredible little boys. Everyday they inspire me to be and do better. I use the word "SO" way too much. I have been called a loud-talker more than once. I am moved by good music and wish more than anything that I was musically inclined (but I am SO not!) I have a major sweet tooth and CANNOT turn down a bowl of ice cream. I hate my hair. I am a volunteer art presenter at my kids' school and love to watch them discover the joy of creativity. I love my family and God. I am a girly-girl that loves camping and quad riding with my boys, cub scouts, and can burp with the best of them! My Canon 40D is part of the family and my boys have come to accept that (most of the time). I believe that photography is art. I love taking pictures and I am so inspired by the beauty of people and relationships. I secretly hope that my work will make you laugh, cry, see your own true beauty, and make you want to hug the people you most care about.